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In the last article we explained schematically what the goals and guidelines which must be met by any data processing system based on new technologies, or technologies combined (paper + internet)

In any proceeding involving the processing of information in any form, we can see that such information is treated, it will be handled by operators manual and automated operators which can be defined as people who access the information and systems computer automatically interpreting this information. To do this depending on which of these two operators access to information, the four sections of the previous article will have a treatment or another.


  • 1 Input Data
  • 2 Data processing
    • Insertion of data in the system
    • Study data
    • classification
    • Data processing
      • Native data

        Adjacent data arising from the treatment (intraoperability)

        Additional data requirements (interoperability)

        Incidents and modifications

  • 3 Using the data for the purpose indicated

    4 Storing data originating and derivatives thereof or Destruction.

Generally define what an operator manual and automated operator and what their general characteristics.

Operators Manuals consider those natural or legal persons who have access to data for processing, query, modify, or delete a previous purpose, defined and under prior authorization or legally protected.

Automated Operators consider those technological systems without direct human intervention actions autonomously generated or pre-registered processing data, consulting, modifying or deleting, busy or not running performances operators manuals.


As general characteristics to the "Operators Manual" can be those who say that all data processing operator must observe a mandatory order to execute any task or data extraction treatment, so that the procedure is efficient, safe and meets its goal .

Thus the basic features are:

  • Every operator must maintain the confidentiality of the data processed, for it is in their employment contracts include clauses for confidentiality on the know-how of the company but on the processing of data generated in the same.
  • Any data that is to be treated must carry a chain of custody form that can be traced at all times where you are and that it is operator, for which the operator will perform the necessary operations to prove who has the data. Recepcionando and delivering.
  • It procedimentados find any data processing, and will follow the guidelines set forth therein, absent or becomes the operator with a course without typing or without framing it shall inform the responsible legal security of the organization.
  • When processing the data with the utmost caution saved passwords or access to systems where programs are treated the same.
  • It is prohibited the extraction of data, not only outside the organization but outside places established in the procedure, even within the organization.
  • No data was provided verbally and never when data is supplied will always be those considered stakeholders and data that can be provided at that time and did not result in weakening some of the stakeholders.
  • Never use email as the means for data communication in a procedure.
  • All information is encrypted for it to reach the operator shall ensure that the data is recepcionados have sent that.
  • Any data provided on paper or portable technological systems lock up the person with responsibility for the custodian.
  • Be used whenever possible certificates or digital signatures.

In the case of automated operators, all changes significantly, since they are mainly hardware and software components to which are assigned a series of automated tasks. In automated operators distinguish between auto attendants and auto attendants hybrids. As succinct definition auto attendants say that are those without any human intervention whatsoever, treat, reclassified, modify or delete data taking them the decision. The hybrid auto attendants are those that require some kind of human intervention to start the automated process, but in which such intervention is not the protagonist of the procedure.

Depending on the type of automated operation is procedimentará a specific form or another.

The next article will discuss the breakdown of the four sections, according to the operators manual and automated procedures.

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