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data transfer

They just left a few weeks ago three new guides that interpret and complement the Royal Decree on the National Interoperability Framework. These three new guidelines are:

  • Technical Standard for Interoperability Policy electronic records management.
  • Technical Standard for Interoperability of data brokering Protocols
  • Technical Standard for Interoperability Relationship data model.

In the case of the standard technique of policy interoperability electronic document management defines the following concepts about the policy.

  • 1. Defining the scope and scope.
  • 2. Roles of the actors involved.
  • 3. Guidelines for the structuring and development of management procedures documentary.
  • 4. Actions related training provided.
  • 5. Proceedings of supervision and auditing of document management processes.
  • 6. Review Process content policy to ensure that it meets the changing needs of document management.

These concepts will be integrated into the overall framework and document management in the context of each organization along with the other implemented policies and apply criteria and working methods for document management behavior in response to the provisions of the Technical Standard Interoperability standards catalog.


In the case of the Technical Standard for Interoperability of data brokering protocols define the following concepts on this policy:


  • Technical Standard for Interoperability of data brokering protocols is to establish specifications for intermediated exchange of information between public administrations, or Public Law Entities linked.
  • You specify the figure of the transferor and the issuer, differentiating between the two in the event the issuer is other than the transferor is a technological intermediary and interoperate with the data of the transferor.
  • Both sending and requesting must be able to perform an audit traceability and data exchanges to facilitate potential audits by the supervisory agencies.


In the case of the Technical Standard for Interoperability of relationship data model defines the following concepts on this policy:

  • The models will publish data on the Semantic Interoperability Center (CISE).
  • These data models will be in XSD schema and explanatory guides in PDF.
  • Technical explanation of communication systems with XSD schemas for adaptation in several appendices.
  • In future articles specifically define each of these regulations.

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