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Ubuntu 12.10, season pass to bond with mobility experiment in order to become the second operating system to use. Canonical get it from Lexnos analyze this new distribution, and specifically analyze their evolution Netbook and Ubuntu 12.10 on comparison with its predecessor 12.04 LTS.

In order to perform this evaluation have been testing for several weeks performing version 4.12 performance tests, with the latest updates. The test unit has been a Compaq Mini 110, with 1 GB of RAM.
                                                                                                     The results obtained are:


UBUNTU 12.04 12.10
Starting netbook                                                    21s                                 17s       
Unity Greeter ok ok without problems emulation 3d
Access Time Desktop  12s 21s 
Hud Ok Better
Open Aplications 27,9% better than 11.10 16,1 % better
Ubuntu One Sync 14% better than 11.10        8% better
USB ok ok
WebCam Fallaba Corrected
Wifi Improved but faults when operating in battery Fixed, great improvement for teams HP / Compaq, Toshiba and Asus
Batery 2:34 3:03
Charge Time 68% better than 11.10 7% better
Compiz Bug Improved, but not stabilized
Empathy OK Greatly improved management and execution in memory


In conclusion indicate that in this new version ubuntu 12.10, we are closer to getting a solid alternative, actual and future to compete with the two big as MAC and Windows. If you walk in this way can become free mass distribution, but it is perfect for mobile environments, hopefully with the 13.4 that address these issues will solve all the problems of memory and performance in mobile environments.
Canonical Luck!

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