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Infitah a Moroccan government program dedicated to small and very small enterprises, which forms part of the strategy DigitalMorocco 2013. Only two requirements needed to access thisprogram helps to promote the digitization of business


- Submit the Register of Commerce or the payment of professionaltax
- Have an income figure not exceeding € 300,000.

All infitah aids are free. The pack brings infitah, a laptop, a billing management program and a line of wireless internet accesssubsidized and more.

All this is part of the "digital Morocco 2013" which has four pillars:

- Universal access to the Internet to citizens
- Create programs eGovernment
- Computerizing a Small Business
- To promote the export of goods via the Internet.

There are two paths for such aid, by submitting all necessary forms in the chamber of commerce, industry and services in eachregion and then go to the appropriate outlet for internet access.

The second route is to go directly to the supplier of internet and they processed the forms.

As an example, the average purchase price of the whole packagecomplete with connection infitah for 12 months, computer, wireless and phone line is in the most expensive with the best computer for 3655 dirhams, about 350 euros for one year, or theeconomic package with a price of 2790 dirhams.

Here I leave you with a video explaining infitah by the Government of Morocco.

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