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Lexnos Corporation is a company dedicated to the Legal Advisory and Business Technology. Our goal is to unite all the legal aspects that must be met around new technologies in a single point simplifying the technology and compliance with all existing legislation on data protection, network security, homeland security, virtual IP, simplification using technological processes, reduced iT costs to business and government ... we put at your disposal the following services.

    - Cost Reduction computing in industry and public

    - Pre audits and statutory audits of security and interoperability

    - Audit and legal technology

    - Implementation of new business management systems more efficient technology based on legal

    - Supervision by watchmen tecnolegales

    - Legal and technological certification of software updates

    - Audits and ISO 27001 ISMS

    - Electronic Audit Procedures

    - Implementation of electronic procedures (implementation, process creation, operational function ...)

    - Simplification of formalities electronic and traditional

    - Audits intraoperability

    - Implementation of internal intraoperability

    - Secure Law Certificate

    - Development of ICT policy

    - Creation of software process reverse

    - Advice on Buying electronic equipment

    - Social Networks

    - Advice on building internal networks or websites

    - Creation of Web pages

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For any questions or if you need our services, you can request more information:

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